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April 19, 2007

1956: Prince Rainier marries Grace Kelly

Prince Rainier marries Grace Kelly

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Gender: Feminine
Usage: English
Pronounced: GRAYS [key]
Means "grace" from the English word, which ultimately derives from Latin gratia. The actress Grace Kelly was a famous bearer of this name.

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April 12, 2007

E.G. Samurai vs Tomato. Slow motion. Visually stunning.

Another good one. Human unpowered flight.

I wonder if he’s insured?

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Greystoke Handbell Ringers

April 10, 2007

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Filmed last Friday – Good Friday – in Penrith Co-op, using my O2-X3 mobile phone set to CIF 352×288. Raising funds for emergency medical equipment.

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